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Cza d' Christiarc
(Old Scotch & New Thoughts)
I know RL has kept me offline a while, but will try to recap. First off, if anyone actually does read this, please say some encouraging words to Scorpy808, Ixchup, Twichie...for many different reasons. Scorpy808 needs our condolences, Ixchup needs our encouragement and Twichie needs our best cheerleading!

With my life, Mick has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, malignant in lymph glads of his back and bone marrow. Treatment du jour is the hormone blockage by pill and shots. He's lost 35 lbs in just a few months and is tired all the time. Been told surgery is not an option. Not much else to tell until we can see PSA levels over the next 3 months.

Grandson and little granddaughter came to the capitol Mar 19-22. Grandson served as a House Page, for the third year. Gdaughter served as an Office Aide for my office. Great week for me :)

I have a new boss this year. The new Speaker Pro Tempore spoke to the Representative I was working for and asked if he would let me go to come to work for him. They worked it all out and THEN called me. I have chosen to be flattered, like some sort of MVP. :) (Took a while to get the image of being loaded into a livestock trailer and driven to a new ranch out of my head) Although, it's a great gig and my new boss is a PEACH! Got a bit of a payraise, too.

Going to have a big time tonight (it's about time SOMETHING was fun). Going to see Leon Russell perform live in Bricktown tonight. I know none of you "youngsters" know who he is, but he's always been in my top 5 favorites! Son is taking me and friends will be meeting us there. Wish Mick felt well enough to go, but I am going...need a few laughs and can't wait to see Leon perform.

If any of you are in Tampa/Orlando or will be visiting, be sure to eat a meal at Tijuana Flats. My son-in-law is the owner and doing wonderfully with these restaurants! The food is "heaven"

Love to all... :)
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Hi you guys! I know it's been forever since I wrote anything in LJ. MY RL has been so stinkin' busy :)

However, I found a great gift for anyone who has to get out in the winter weather...they are called Ear Pops! I can't bear my ears to be cold, but also don't like to mess up my hair with a hat or scarf. These are soft little ear covers which fit over each ear. They are warm, keep cold wind out and fit neatly in your coat pocket. I bought some for my grandkids and daughter in Okla.

Check out www.earpops.com

They have a ton of colors and I got the color which best matches blonde hair...camo for the grandson...a dark brown for my daughter, etc. No, I have no personal interest in this company whatsoever. I just wanted to share a great idea for keeping the chill off :)
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Found this online :)


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Finally took a little vacation time just for me. My daughter and little granddaughters will be here for a short visit later this week. I'll pick them up at the airport and go directly to my eldest daughter's home. Simply can't wait.

Normally, I'd only take off enough time to manage to see them. This time I thought I'd throw in a little time for me, too. I have so many vacation hours accrued at work, I ask myself...why?

Time to redouble my efforts in the new direction I'm wanting to take. Many of you already know I am working on a film. It's an extremely difficult task to work for a busy legislator AND put a film together. Time to take some of the time, I have more than earned, and redouble my efforts on this film project.

Wish me luck...this is the single biggest challenge I have ever set for myself.

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Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear twichie!
Happy Birthday to You!

You're a great friend and I will always be grateful a certain fandom for meeting you :)
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If any of you are reading this, please, please post a response. I really want a special friend of ours to see the responses.

My dear, dear friend twichie is going to prove herself a very successful person, one day very soon. I am so darned proud of her and her extraordinary talents!

L, you are an original among originals, for sure. Love ya more than my most favorite pink lipstick!

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Back home again
Have I told any of you, lately, how much I hate flying? Well, I do.

The flight leaving Tampa was delayed 30 mins because no one would step out onto the tarmac to load up the baggage in the plane. Consequently, I had to sprint to my next gate in Dallas. They have no problem leaving 150 people in a big metal airplane on the tarmac, but none of the baggage handlers will peek their noses out...mind you, not a drop of rain was falling, but the clouds were dark...off in the distance...aacckk! Of course, the Captain always makes sure to announce Tampa is the Ligtning Capitol of the USA...whatever.

After all I ate this past week, I suppose the sprint did me good. Oh, B...I'm on vitamins and lattes for quite awhile to come.

The warm welcome home I received was underwhelming to say the least. My son has decided a mouse has gotten in the house. So my first glimpse of the kitchen was no less than 6 mousetraps with peanut butter on them. Did I want to drive right back to the airport...you bet. Quick! Change lives with me :) I feel somewhat lucky he wasn't hiding in the dining room, dressed in camo, waiting on the little bugger. It would have given him a little pratice with his new bow. I should erase that last comment...I certainly don't want to give him any ideas.

Oh, well...back to RL.

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Went to the MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) and saw Bodies: The Exhibition. A Chinese doctor with access to the bodies of dead Chinese prisoners has preserved the bodies in an open-type anatomy/art exhibit. I really must admit, it was fascinating and disturbing on so-o-o-o many levels.

I was not at all ready to see an entire arterial system without any other surrounding tissue. It's not a representation of the body one has a point of reference for, not by a long shot. I'm afraid I was quite overcome by the harshness of a clinically flayed open body, poised as kicking a soccer ball. Call me a wussy, but I was glad to be out of it, at last.

My good daughter did a sweet thing for me...she recorded my favorite Miami Vice ep...Evan. I got to watch it...rewinding my fav spots to my heart's content this afternoon. That William Russ is electric in the title role. Even if you aren't a fan of MV, you must admit this ep was wonderful.

This visit has been just what I needed to recharge my batteries. Sadly, my FL lottery ticket was not a winner. Maybe next time :)

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Went to St. Petersburg to the Salvador Dali Museum. After a small set-back (being a bit lost) we arrived and wandered through, soaking up the genius of this artist.

If you're ever anywhere near St. Petersburg, Florida, you must go...you will find it a very enriching experience. Being so close to these vibrant pieces of art is both inspirational and humbling. Even dear #2 daughter enjoyed it. She had her doubts she would.

I can't wait to go again one day. This time I will linger longer in front of several pieces. It's impossible to really appreciate them without studying them...they are rich with dimension you must search for...a face here, a fading wing there...images within images. So worth the admission!

Bought 6 magnets for my 'fridge and a small photo book.
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Finally took some vacation time and flew to Tampa to see "B" and my two little grand daughters!

What a landing in Tampa...there was a storm and just as we had landed, they declared a lightning alert. We waited for about 30 mins on the tarmac because none of the people who put out the walkway or unload baggage would come outside, for fear of lightning. Finally taxied to an automated walkway and got off the plane, but by then they had stopped incoming and outgoing flights because of the lightning alert. Waited for the baggage an hour and a half. It turned out to be fun because the girls were there with me.

I love mornings here in Tampa. The girls and I watch all the little lizards running all around. It's like Jurassic Park here :) Today, we will go watch my little angels cheer at a little league football game and one of them has a piano recital.

Watched a little of the SG1 ep last night...enough to see the FS bit. As I suspected...not a big deal. There's time I'm going to want back on my deathbed, along with the time I have wasted trying on bathing suits and knit dresses. :)

This week we're going to the Salvadore Dali museum in St. Petersburg. I can't wait!

Later, kids!

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